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Avon Attraction for Her Body Lotion

65,00 EGP
Blackberry, orchid and vanilla amber. Size: 150ml.

Avon Care Radiant with Rosewater & Shea Butter Body Lotion

95,00 EGP
Gentle, 24-hour moisture formula with added vitamin E for radiant-looking skin. Suitable for all skin types. Rose Water is created by soaking rose flower petals in water to release their radiant essence Size: 750ml.

Avon Eve Confidence Body Lotion

65,00 EGP
A luminous scent with a curated blend of Solar Frangipani and refined Oakwood that combine to reveal a powerful trail that lasts all day. Size: 150ml.

Avon Far Away Body Lotion

65,00 EGP
Body lotion with the scent of freesia, jasmine and vanilla musk. Size: 150ml.

Avon Far Away Rebel & Diva Body Lotion

65,00 EGP
Dare to seize your moment with the daring Far Away Rebel & Diva Body Lotion from your No. 1 fragrance brand. Size: 150ml.

Avon Herstory Body Lotion

65,00 EGP
Scent your inspirational journey with the beautifully floral Herstory Body Lotion, the scent that supports Changing Faces.

Avon Incandessence Body Lotion

65,00 EGP
Diamond orchid, white peony and freesia. Size: 150ml.

Avon Incandessence Enjoy Body Lotion

65,00 EGP
Capture all the energy and warmth of the sun with a sparkling blend of joyous sun flowers, zesty mandarin and sunny pineapple. Size: 150ml.

Avon Little Black Dress The Dress Body Lotion

65,00 EGP
Night flower, elegant flowers, woody notes. Size: 150ml.

Avon Maxima Body Lotion

65,00 EGP
An alluring body lotion with shimmering and noble notes of Immortelle Flower, warm and resinous scent which lingers endlessly in a serene floral bouquet. Size: 150ml.

Avon Perceive for Her Body Lotion

65,00 EGP
White pepper, yellow feeesia and gardenia. Size: 150ml.

Avon Pur Blanca Body Lotion

65,00 EGP
White freesia, ylang-ylang and white flowers. Size: 150ml.