Avon Passion Dance

211,00 EGP
Passion Dance Eau de Toilette resembles a sophisticated, fiery dance that warms your senses and unleashes tremendous amounts of energy.

Avon Peace & Love Attitude Perfume

165,00 EGP
The ideal fragrance for girls with attitude who can change the world 50 ml

Avon Rare Flowers Night Orchid Eau de Parfum

351,00 EGP
Rare Flowers Night Orchid Eau de Parfum blossoms with a seducing aroma of exotic black orchid, spreading an aura of

Avon Rare Flowers Solar Narcissus Eau de Parfum

351,00 EGP
Magnetic with a lush gold narcissus accord, complemented by luscious violet leaves and the warm aroma of musk. Size: 50ml.

Avon Rare Pearls Eau du Perfume

301,00 EGP
Avon Rare Pearls Eau du Perfume for women is an elegant fragrance created for women who love luxury and urban

Avon Today Eau de Parfum Purse Spray

70,00 EGP
• Top note: butterfly blossom. • Middle note: hibiscus petals. • Base note: silk musk. • 10ml.

Avon Tomorrow for Her Eau de Parfum

381,00 EGP
Meet our bestselling composition TTA Tomorrow: a delicate fragrant caress that your feminine nature will fall in love with. Already at the beginning, it will delight you with notes of sweet raspberries and neroli. When it settles a little, you will feel a dazzling scent of patchouli and Indian jasmine. Finally, the depth and warmth of the aroma of oriental resins reach you. Size: 50ml.

Avon TTA This Love Eau de Parfum for Her Purse Spray

70,00 EGP
Floral bouquet of frangipani and jasmine petals, layered under a fresh and playful fruity top. Size: 10ml.

Avon Turkish Rose Eau de Parfum

381,00 EGP
Express all your love with the most beautiful and romantic flowers. They leave a lasting first impression they’ll never forget. Size 30 ml

Avon Wish of Love Eau de Toilette

165,00 EGP
It is delicate and feminine, ideal for everyday use. Size: 50ml.