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Avon Always Eau de Parfum

381,00 EGP
TTA Always Eau de Parfum is a unique, intensely floral composition for romantic women: perfect for everyday and evenings. Floral.

Avon Artistique Parfumiers Magnolia en Fleurs Eau de Parfum

419,00 EGP
A symphony of Chinese magnolias and vibrant dewy notes. Marking the arrival of spring, this creation by Maurice Roucel himself,

Avon Artistique Parfumiers Patchouli Indulgence Eau de Parfum

419,00 EGP
A hypnotic creation of patchouli intensified by exotic spices and delicate florals. This mesmerising elixir crafted by Alexandra Carlin, creates

Avon Attraction Addicted Essence de Parfum

390,00 EGP
Attraction Addicted Essence of Perfume   Attraction Addicted perfumed gel for women is an intense touch of attractiveness – a

Avon Attraction for Her Eau de Parfum Travel Size

251,00 EGP
Attraction Eau de Parfum for Her Travel Size 30ml is an extraordinary fragrance for ladies conscious of their attractiveness.

Avon Attraction Sensation for Her Eau de Parfum

400,00 EGP
About me: The thrill of attraction begins with the intoxicating plum, with your heart beating faster to alluring jasmine and

Avon Celebre Eau de Toilette

170,00 EGP
  • Gloral-fruity.
  • Fragrance for every day.
  • Melon, currant, jasmine.
  • Size: 50ml.

Avon Collections Caramapple

251,00 EGP
A captivating sensation. Satisfy sweet cravings with a fresh hit of crisp, dewy apple, blended with the delicate flavour of

Avon Collections Choc-Berry

251,00 EGP
An irresistible addiction. Indulge your senses with a mouth-watering burst of red berries, complemented by a sparkling peach Bellini essence,

Avon Collections Roseta

197,00 EGP
With main notes of lychee, Bulgarian rose and spiced vanilla, this morning fragrance takes a sheer and modern approach to

Avon Collections Violeta

197,00 EGP
Satisfy your curiosity with the seduction of Violeta, the alluring flower. Tantalising to its core courtesy of violet petals, and

Avon Eau de Bouquet

197,00 EGP
Celebrate the radiant life of women with the sweet scent of mandarin, beautiful jasmine and sandalwood. Captivate your feminine power and let it shine. Size: 50ml.