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Avon Attraction Sensation for Him

320,00 EGP
The attraction is undeniable. Feel the physical signs of attraction take over with the intoxicating power of fragrance.

Avon Elite Gentleman In Black

248,00 EGP
Strive for excellence and make yourself unforgettable with the fougère and woody aftershave of Elite Gentleman In Black Eau de

Avon Full Speed EDT

248,00 EGP
Full Speed Eau de Toilette is a bold, dynamic composition for an ambitious, modern man. Citrus-green. Reinvigorating, truly masculine fragrance.

Avon Full Speed Max Turbo EDT

248,00 EGP
Feel the adrenaline rise as you live fast and free with the super-charged scent of adrenaline-pumping spices and bracing skin

Avon Individual Blue for Him

160,00 EGP
Individual Blue Eau de Toilette is a fragrance destined to an independent man conscious of his worth: perfect both for

Avon Individual Blue Sunset Eau de Toilette

160,00 EGP
Created with the exclusive Blue Sun Accord to make you feel involved by a beautiful sunset all year long.

Avon Man Eau de Toilette

248,00 EGP
Avon Man Eau de Toilette is an absolutely masculine, determined fragrance for strong, energetic men. Woody-oriental with fruity accents. Fragrance

Avon Maxima Eau de Parfum for men

460,00 EGP
About me: Embrace the vigorous men’s perfume with primordial notes of olibanum, a rare and precious ingredient. Combines with the

Avon Maxime Icon

418,00 EGP
About me: Discover greatness and be an icon with the oriental and fougère aftershave of Maxime Icon Eau de Toilette.

Avon Mesmerize for Him Eau de Toilette

260,00 EGP
The Mesmerize captivate with a single glance. Reveal your mysterious side with this captivating men’s fragrance that features a hypnotic

Avon Mesmerize Mystique Amber

248,00 EGP
Intensify your irresistible masculinity with a strong, sensual scent of aromatic cardamom, deeply rich Australian sandalwood and extraordinary glowing amber.

Avon Perceive Eau de Toilette for Him

248,00 EGP
Perceive Eau de Toilette for men is an original, refreshing composition for an active man who values freedom above everything