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Avon Attraction for Her Body Lotion

76,00 EGP
Blackberry, orchid and vanilla amber. Size: 150ml.

Avon Attraction Sensation Body Mist

126,00 EGP
The thrill of attraction begins with the intoxicating plum, with your heart beating faster to alluring jasmine and intensifies with ambertonic. The attraction is undeniable. Size: 100ml.

Avon Celebre Body Spray

76,00 EGP
Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Size: 75ml.

Avon Cherish Body Mist

126,00 EGP
  • Floral-fruity-woody.
  • Fragrance for any occasion.
  • Cherry blossom, musk, creamy sandalwood.
Size: 100ml.

Avon Collections Choc-Berry Body Butter

88,00 EGP
An irresistible addiction. Indulge your senses with a mouth-watering burst of red berries, complemented by a sparkling peach Bellini essence, which ends on a sweet, utterly addictive note of chocolate essence. Size: 200ml.

Avon Elite Gentleman Absolute Hair & Body Wash

55,00 EGP
• Top note: Italian lemon. • Middle note: jinkoh argarwood. • Base note: amber. • 250ml.

Avon Elite Gentleman Hair & Body Wash

55,00 EGP
Hair & Body Wash enhanced with the scent of juniper, rich cardamom and refined woods. Size: 250ml.

Avon Encanto Alluring Body Lotion

125,00 EGP
A floral, seductive body lotion with the scent of white orchid and sandalwood.Size: 250ml.

Avon Far Away Rebel & Diva Body Lotion

76,00 EGP
Dare to seize your moment with the daring Far Away Rebel & Diva Body Lotion from your No. 1 fragrance brand. Size: 150ml.

Avon Full Speed Hair & Body Wash

55,00 EGP
Invigorate your senses with a hair and body wash infused with Full Speed's fresh aromatic scent. Size: 250ml.

Avon Full Speed Virtual Adrenaline Hair & Body Wash

55,00 EGP
A revitalising Hair & Body Wash with an energy drink accord. Its woody, amber scent will leave him feeling fresh, rejuvenated and ready to go. Size: 250ml.

Avon Herstory Body Lotion

76,00 EGP
Scent your inspirational journey with the beautifully floral Herstory Body Lotion, the scent that supports Changing Faces.