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Avon Attraction Sensation Body Mist

126,00 EGP
The thrill of attraction begins with the intoxicating plum, with your heart beating faster to alluring jasmine and intensifies with ambertonic. The attraction is undeniable. Size: 100ml.

Avon Celebre Eau de Toilette

170,00 EGP
  • Gloral-fruity.
  • Fragrance for every day.
  • Melon, currant, jasmine.
  • Size: 50ml.

Avon Cherish Body Mist

126,00 EGP
  • Floral-fruity-woody.
  • Fragrance for any occasion.
  • Cherry blossom, musk, creamy sandalwood.
Size: 100ml.

Avon Collections Roseta

197,00 EGP
With main notes of lychee, Bulgarian rose and spiced vanilla, this morning fragrance takes a sheer and modern approach to

Avon Collections Violeta

197,00 EGP
Satisfy your curiosity with the seduction of Violeta, the alluring flower. Tantalising to its core courtesy of violet petals, and

Avon Eau de Bouquet

197,00 EGP
Celebrate the radiant life of women with the sweet scent of mandarin, beautiful jasmine and sandalwood. Captivate your feminine power and let it shine. Size: 50ml.

Avon Eau de Bouquet Blue

197,00 EGP
Eau de Bouquet Bleu by Avon Eau de Toilette for women. A fragrance for the summer. Sunny notes of tangerine and red fruit open the door to the flower garden full of fresh freesia and peach. Size: 50ml.

Avon Encanto Alluring Body Lotion

125,00 EGP
A floral, seductive body lotion with the scent of white orchid and sandalwood.Size: 250ml.

Avon Encanto Irresistible Body Lotion

125,00 EGP
A floral, fruity, 48-hour moisture lotion with the scent of raspberry, pink bouquet and amber.

Avon Individual Blue Sunset Eau de Toilette

160,00 EGP
Created with the exclusive Blue Sun Accord to make you feel involved by a beautiful sunset all year long.

Avon Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum Travel Size

197,00 EGP
A modern classic of bright fruits and elegant florals, mixed with luxurious woods. Size: 30ml.

Avon Passion Dance

211,00 EGP
Passion Dance Eau de Toilette resembles a sophisticated, fiery dance that warms your senses and unleashes tremendous amounts of energy.